Mission Possible: Making waves with your commute

Publish Date : 28 Jun 2022
Mission Possible Feature Ferry
By land or by sea, Queety makes the most of her commute from Whangaparāoa into the central city.

Regularly catching the convenient commuter boat between Gulf Harbour and downtown Auckland, Queety Akers has discovered a strong ferry community. “I’ve made some really good friends on the ferry, there are lots of expats here and it’s such an enjoyable way to travel,” she says.

Originally from the UK, Akers worked in law enforcement and rose to the rank of detective. But after 19 years on the force, Akers and her husband decided they wanted a quieter, safer place to raise their children, so they moved to New Zealand.

Close to 20 years later, they now live in idyllic Army Bay, about 47km north of central Auckland. That might sound like quite a distance to some, but Akers says it’s a breeze to get into the city thanks to public transport.

“On the two days I work in the office, I either take the ferry from Gulf Harbour or I drive to the Silverdale Park and Ride and take the bus. When you come from the UK, that sort of commute is nothing,” she says.

“The ferry takes 50 minutes; for the bus, it’s just a 25 minute drive to Silverdale, then another 25 minutes to the city because the bus goes pretty fast in the bus lane.

“Bussing from Silverdale also gives me more flexibility now that my son is at KingsWay School in Red Beach, because I’m literally parked just down the road if I’m needed for any reason.”

Commuting time isn’t wasted either. “I love reading and I always take a book on the bus or the ferry, and both modes of transport are great for de-stressing. On the way home, I let work thoughts go, so by the time I get home I’m ready for part two of my life, which is all about family.”

Akers also likes how part of her commute is on foot. “I’m an active person, so I really enjoy being able to embrace the vibe of the city. When I walk up Queen Street or Albert Street, I like to see all the different people and feel a part of what’s happening. Living in Army Bay, then having the ability to travel into the city by bus or ferry, really is the best of both worlds.”


Disclaimer: The photo is for illustrative purposes only. Auckland is at the Orange setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework’s traffic light system. A face mask must be worn on-board and while you are waiting at stations if you are a ākonga (student) Year 4 and above, as well as adults. This includes school buses, bus and train stations, bus stops and ferry terminals.

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