Crime-busting CCTV coverage is helping keep Papakura safe.

A network of 36 cameras, including four automatic number plate recognition devices, has provided Counties-Manukau Police with leads in two major inquiries and led to many other incidents being cleared up.

Police say the town’s CCTV is proving an effective tool in identifying avenues of enquiry that assist Police and provide reassurance to stakeholders.

“Having it located and monitored at the Papakura Police station has been a major advantage for Papakura,” Counties Manukau South crime prevention manager Inspector Matt Hoyes says.

“The CCTV operators are vigilant and dedicated and their thorough monitoring is delivering benefits to everyone.”

Papakura Local Board funded increased CCTV monitoring for the town after a request from Papakura Business Association manager Tracy Shackleton.

“Having CCTV in any town makes a huge difference for everyone. It’s an essential tool and I have to thank the board for joining the association and investing in it to enhance the safety and security of our town. Our system is one of the best in the country,” she says.

“Stolen cars, burglaries, shop-lifting and unacceptable behaviour have all been captured on this system, which is proving an effective tool in regularly bringing offenders to justice.”

Board chair Brent Catchpole says CCTV has made a difference to the town. “We have a system in place with people dedicated to working alongside police, and that means those who offend in Papakura will get caught on camera and be called to account.”

“We are all concerned that our people not only feel safe, but are safe, in their own town.” 

Papakura Business chair Paula Schultz says while recent incidents have been disappointing, those who monitor the CCTV are doing a fantastic job. “If you come into our town with the intention of committing a crime, you will be caught.”

The system has also allowed those monitoring it to become pro-active, where a known offender or vehicle of interest can be tracked before more offences are committed, further protecting businesses and the public from crime.

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