Papakura intersection work planned

Publish Date : 07 Jun 2022
Papa Transport

Improvements are on the way for a notorious Papakura accident black spot.

More than 30 serious crashes occurred at the intersection of Cosgrave Road and Old Wairoa Road between 2016 and 2020.

“The situation hasn’t got any better since,” Papakura Local Board chair Brent Catchpole says. “We are seeing a bad crash every two months.”

“Auckland Transport found most incidents were down to drivers failing to give way, and it is recommending a raised signalised intersection be installed.”

That would address current safety and operational issues, provide better pedestrian crossing options, and significantly improve conditions for cyclists, AT says.

Catchpole says there is a lot of work to be done first, including community consultation, before detailed design work taking account of that feedback can be undertaken

“Until that’s done, we can’t say how much the work will cost, but rough estimates are around $1.2 million, although that is at the whim of current issues around supply chains, and material and labour costs.

“But construction is being planned for the 2022/2023 financial year.”

And the board has called on Auckland Transport to lobby the Government to continue subsidised half price fares for an additional six-month period.

“Transport costs are highest for those furthest from the city, and anything that helps take the pressure off family budgets at a time when we are experiencing a cost-of-living crisis, should be encouraged,” Catchpole says.

“While it is obviously good from a commuter cost standpoint, encouraging people on to trains and buses takes vehicles off the road, helps to relieve congestion and provides a boost to the environment through lower carbon emissions.

“We have seen the evidence. Lower fares have increased patronage and we should do all we can to make that trend continue.”

Fares halved for three months from 1 April across the AT network, a move estimated to amount to savings of $10 million for passengers over three months.

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