Whau gets to work with board programme

Publish Date : 23 Jun 2022
Bike hub 2
The New Lynn Bike Hub. Image Credit: EcoMatters Environment Trust

A focus on environmental programmes as well as funding for improvements to facilities and infrastructure are some of the key items in the Whau Local Board work programme.

The programme of funding for projects, programmes and facilities was agreed by the board at its June business meeting and puts into place the focus for the next year of work for the board.

In the environment space, funding has once again been approved for EcoMatters Environment Trust to deliver programmes and services such as the Bike Hub, Healthy Homes on a Budget, and EcoFest West Festival, as well as funding for the Whau climate action network, Whau Wildlink and Manukau Harbour Forum.

The board also agreed to funding for various projects and programmes such as the Community Arts broker programme, an operational grant for Te Toi Uku, and the Tula’i Pacific leadership programme.  

Good balance

Whau Local Board Chair, Kay Thomas says that the work programme contains a good balance.

“We know how important the funding the board assigns to projects in the area can be. We’ve been working hard over the past few months to put this programme together and doing so in a way that we can get the maximum benefit to Whau residents from the funding we have available.

“All of the organisations, projects, and programmes we fund have a positive impact on the community and we are pleased that we have been able to fund so much good work across a broad spectrum of areas.

“From the environment to Arts and young people to programmes that engage our diverse communities to upgrades for some of our facilities, the work programme has something for everyone in Whau, and shows that we really have a wide range of activities and initiatives that are supported by the board.”

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