A growing future for Te Naupata Reserve

Publish Date : 27 Jul 2022
Naupata Reserve Planting Day 2022
Volunteers dig in at Te Naupata Reserve planting day

A number of community planting days at Te Naupata Reserve / Musick Point have allowed its ‘blank canvas’ to be turned into a native bush corridor, following the strategic removal of pest plants and trees from the reserve.

Pest-Free Howick, in conjunction with Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki, Howick Local Board, Auckland Council and Ministry of Primary Industries are restoring the reserve which is located at 12 Musick Point Road.

For a long time, the reserve had been under pressure from numerous pest plants, including rhamnus, moth plant, phoenix palm, brush wattle, German and English ivy, Japanese honeysuckle and tree privet among others, that left it unsafe and unusable in some areas.

With their poisonous, stabbing frond spikes, phoenix palms are hazardous to humans and also damage native ecosystems. They grow rapidly, out-competing native groundcover plants, shrubs and eventually trees, due to their sheer size. Seeds of this sneaky tree spread and are deposited deep in our native bush reserves.

These plants are so damaging to native plants and bird life, that it is prohibited to breed, distribute, release, plant or sell them within the Auckland region.

Pest Free Howick Coordinator Lorelle Stranaghan says, “Bucklands Beach is in a unique location with close proximity to our Hauraki Gulf Treasure Islands, many of which are predator-free. Native birds are thriving on Rangitoto, Motutapu and Motuihe islands.

"Our vision is to make Bucklands Beach Peninsula a suitable habitat for the native birds as well. However, these native birds can only thrive if they have suitable habitat and corridors and the predator numbers are low.”

During the recent tree removal, three commemorative Phoenix Palm trees were preserved to continue to honour our servicemen.

About Pest Free Howick Ward

Pest Free Howick Ward is a Howick Local Board-funded project, helping to bring back biodiversity to our gardens, and enable our native birds, insects and reptiles to thrive with low pest numbers - all from our own backyards.

For opportunities to get involved in our pest-free activities in Howick, contact pestfreehowick@gmail.com or visit the website

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