Everything there is to know about standing in the Auckland local elections

Publish Date : 11 Jul 2022
The Lightpath

From 15 July 2022, prospective candidates will be submitting their paperwork to be officially nominated to stand in Tāmaki Makaurau’s local elections. Nominations close midday 12 August 2022.

“I would urge candidates to read up on all the rules so that your campaign achieves its objectives without a hitch”

To help candidates prepare, Auckland Council’s elections team has been out in full force on discussion panels and in the community to let people know everything about standing in the elections. In the last few months over 150 people attended 41 events online and across the region. Another 17 information events have been run by the council’s community partners.

Rose Leonard, Manager Governance Services is thrilled with the turnout. “It’s really promising to see a great number of people attend these information sessions”, says Rose.

In case you missed out, here are some key things candidates need to know in the lead up to campaigning.

How to campaign

For your campaign, you can stand independently, affiliated or on a ticket. To be affiliated means to be officially selected and endorsed to represent an organisation. Campaigning on a ticket means to buddy up with one or more candidates to support each other’s campaigns and share campaign costs.

Campaign costs

All campaign costs are paid by the candidate and the law limits how much you can spend on your campaign, based on the population of the area you are standing in. All candidates are legally required to declare any donations and campaign expenses to the electoral officer. Typically, campaign expenses may include hoardings, election signage and marketing collateral. For more details, refer to the Candidate Handbook.

“I would urge candidates to read up on all the rules so that your campaign achieves its objectives without a hitch”, advises Rose. “The candidate handbook is essential as it includes all the election rules to ensure fairness to all candidates.”

Election signs

Election sign rules are set in the new Auckland Council and Auckland Transport Signs Bylaw 2022. The rules allow the display of election signs for up to nine weeks* prior to an election or referendum, to support election advertising in places they would not otherwise be allowed. These rules also help to manage clutter and distraction for road users.

For this year’s local elections, the nine-week period before election day commences on Saturday 6 August 2022 (at 12.01 am). Where election signs break the rules, the council will talk with affected sign owners first to increase their awareness about the rules and promote voluntary compliance.

However, penalties may apply if a sign owner does not comply with advice which includes altering, removing, seizing, and disposing of signage and recovering costs incurred to the council.

If you find a sign that you think is breaking the bylaw, contact the Auckland Council call centre and register a complaint.

* The time period for putting up election signs on parks that are managed by local boards may vary.

Where to find more information for candidates

Everything candidates need to know, including rules for election signs and more can be found in the candidate handbook at: voteauckland.co.nz/candidatehandbook or pick up a hardcopy from the Electoral Office at Level 2, 198 Federal Street, Auckland.

Visit voteauckland.co.nz for all things elections.

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