Missing tsunami sirens on the west coast

Publish Date : 01 Aug 2022
Tsunami Siren West Coast
Tsunami sirens can be stand alone, like the one pictured, or attached to buildings or power poles.

Auckland Emergency Management (AEM) have made us aware of a spate of thefts of tsunami sirens at Piha and Karekare, starting in May this year. AEM General Manager Paul Amaral says while they will be replaced as soon as possible, these sirens play a key role in helping alert the public of tsunami hazards.

“The sirens are designed to alert as many people as possible in the area of a potential tsunami threat, so it is important for the community that they work when we need them.”

What to do if you notice a missing or damaged tsunami siren

If you observe anyone tampering with them across our West Coast beaches, please contact the Police immediately. Additionally, if you notice damaged or missing tsunami sirens, call us on 09 301 0101 or report it via our website.

Stay informed and prepared

The sirens are just one tool used to alert the public to tsunami emergencies. Alerts and instructions could also come via the media or online from official sources.

“We will always use a range of different types of alerts to get the message out during a tsunami emergency. The sirens will help warn people in the evacuation zone who are outside enjoying the day, while the radio, TV, online sources and Emergency Mobile Alert systems will help reach people who may be inside or distracted,” says Paul.

Remember, if you are at the coast and feel an earthquake which is LONG or STRONG, GET GONE and move inland or to higher ground.

To find out more about tsunami, warnings and other hazards, or to check if you live in a tsunami evacuation zone in Auckland Hazards Viewer, please visit the Auckland Emergency Management website.


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