Crossing will help keep temple users safe

Publish Date : 03 Oct 2022
Manurewa Sikh Temple

Reduced budgets in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic have already impacted Manurewa transport projects.

Manurewa Local Board Chair Joseph Allan says four Local Board Transport Capital Fund projects have had to go on hold until budget becomes available.

“It’s disappointing because the projects have all been identified by the Board as being important. But we remain committed to working with our communities, particularly on projects that improve pedestrian safety.”

Two of the projects, a building a raised crossing at Finlayson Avenue and pedestrian safety design and construction work around Dennis and David avenues, involve safety enhancements.

The other two projects involve driver messaging signage commonly seen on the roadside, such as accident ahead, limit your speed or event traffic.

However, the board has agreed to progress six other projects this financial year.

Amenity upgrades at Te Mahia Station will be completed and a pedestrian crossing on Great South Road to serve the Sikh Temple will be added.

“The temple plays a vital part in the lives of the Sikh community, who play an equally vital part in our wider Manurewa community," Allan says.

"Many people of all ages attend the temple, from young children to senior residents. We must make it safer for them to cross the very busy Great South Road.”

On top of that, CCTV (closed circuit television) camera installations will go ahead, new bus shelters will be added, and traffic calming measures will be installed at Roys Road.

The sixth project involves the design work needed ahead of the Finlayson Avenue raised crossing. “We want to be ready to go ahead with building that crossing as soon as the budget becomes available.” 

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