Kerbside food scraps collection one step closer

Last Updated : 02 Nov 2022
Kerbside Food Scraps Collection One Step Closer B (1)

The 2023 launch of the Auckland-wide food scraps collection has reached a major milestone with the opening of the facility where the food scraps will be processed for beneficial reuse. 

The Ecogas organics processing facility in Reporoa is the largest food scraps processing facility in New Zealand using advanced technology proven overseas. The facility will produce renewable energy, biofertiliser and carbon dioxide from food scraps and other organic residues and has a 20-year contract to process Auckland’s food scraps.

Parul Sood, Auckland Council General Manager Waste Solutions says, “Almost half the weight of a kerbside rubbish bin is organic material, and we are aiming to reduce that considerably with the new kerbside pickup and processing at the Ecogas facility.

“Thank you to those who already compost - this new service will complement composting, scraps like bones, citrus peel, seafood shells or onion peel that cannot go in a compost bin or worm farm can be put in your food scraps bin, basically any food scraps.

“So, by putting these food scraps into the new bins it will contribute hugely to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and at the same time reducing greenhouse gases.”

The food scrap bins will be rolled out in stages, to most mainland urban residential households across Auckland from late March 2023 onwards.  Every household will receive a lockable 23-litre food scraps bin, a kitchen caddy, and a set of Auckland Council compostable liners to get started.

Parul adds that Aucklanders are good at recycling and believes they will embrace the new food scraps collection and see its value in reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and helping protect the environment.

“We have already been trialling the service in parts of Auckland and it’s been well received.”

The Ecogas facility in Reporoa in the Waikato will backfill otherwise empty trucks to transport the food scraps from Auckland for processing.  A similar facility is planned to be built in Auckland in the future.

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