Meetings with councillors on priorities

Publish Date : 11 Oct 2022

Incoming Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown has held six hour-long one-on-one meetings with re-elected and incoming councillors today.

They were Greg Sayers, Wayne Walker, Chris Darby, Shane Henderson, Richard Hills and Christine Fletcher.

Mr Brown congratulated the Councillors on their elections; sought advice on their personal priorities for their wards and the wider region; discussed their individual interests, skills, knowledge, experiences and preferred new challenges; and explored how each could best contribute to the change Auckland voters have demanded.

“I’m very impressed with the calibre and insights of the Councillors I have met today and want to ensure all of them have meaningful and challenging roles, with real decision-making powers and associated accountabilities,” Mr Brown said.

Mr Brown’s meetings with re-elected and incoming Councillors and the leadership of the Independent Māori Board Statutory will continue through the week.

He plans to set out priorities for key Council-Controlled Organisations (CCOs) next week, building on his campaign promises, the feedback he received at over 300 campaign events, and the views of the incoming governing body.

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