Top tips for visitors

Last Updated : 19 Oct 2022
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Whether you’re heading out for a day or staying a while, here are our top tips to keep the Hauraki Gulf pest and waste free when you visit.

Minimising your waste

  1. Refuse single-use items and bring reusables to the Hauraki Gulf such as reusable drink bottles and coffee cups whenever you can, to stop waste from being created.
  2. Reduce by considering waste when packing for your visit. Take note of how things are packaged and say no to overpackaged items.
  3. Reuse and repurpose items as much as possible.
  4. Recycle any items that can be recycled.

If you must dispose of rubbish whilst visiting the islands, please note that waste services are limited and can be checked for each island here.

If you see dumped rubbish on public property, call 0800 NO DUMP (0800 663 867) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Offenders caught illegally dumping rubbish will be ordered to remove the rubbish and may be issued with a fine of up to $30,000.

Stopping pests from traveling to the Hauraki Gulf

  1. Check your belongings for pests (such as rats, skinks and ants) before you leave.
  2. Check if you’re taking any risky items with you and know what to do with them here [PDF].
  3. Clean your gear, shoes, camping equipment and bike tires.
  4. Close all food containers (as food can attract rats and other pests)

I found a pest! What now?

If you spot a pest, make sure to get rid of it correctly and humanely. Don't throw rats or mice overboard alive. If you see any pests on pest-free islands- let us know. Call 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468) or contact us on 09 301 0101.

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