Local Bike Kitchen leads the way

Publish Date : 08 Nov 2022
Bike Kitchen at work

The Mount Roskill Bike Kitchen is a community project that provides useable bicycles to those who do not otherwise have access to them.

Located in both Wesley and May Road in Mount Roskill, the project is having a notable impact on the Puketāpapa community.  “Despite being a rather ‘hilly’ landscape, we continue to increase the good number of cyclists on our roads and using the cycle lanes.  We believe that this project has helped build this local fondness for bikes” explains Ella Kumar, Chairperson of the Puketāpapa Local Board which helps fund the project.

“Our area is home to a large percentage of newly resettled former refugees, who are often really interested in how to access bikes for transport and for kids play."

"We are incredibly proud to be able to support this community through the Mount Roskill Bike Kitchen.”

The project came about after results from a Mobility Survey of residents in Puketāpapa, showed that many more people would cycle if they had a bicycle, but that many could not afford to buy one.  About the same time Richard Barter of PATH (Puketāpapa Active Transport Haven) was asked by the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre if PATH would take over their “Bikes for Refugees” project. Today almost 2,000 bicycles have been given away, and an even larger number have been serviced and made useable for their owners.  

The current focus for this project is running “Popup bike fix sessions” and establishing “Mini Bike Hubs” at schools and community recycling centres so that everyone is empowered to maintain their bikes.

Cycling is having a bit of a resurgence, it’s a great way to keep fit, an affordable transport option and an environmentally sustainable life choice.  Barter explains that “we are here to help our communities realise those advantages, and it is great to see just how many are interested in doing just that.”

Donate your old bike and it will be fixed up and given to someone who would really benefit from it = sustainability = less waste = helping our community = helping our planet for future generations.

Find out more on www.facebook.com/RoskillBikeKitchen or on their website www.path.net.nz

Puketāpapa Local Board provides support though a Local Board Grant.  The project supports the Puketāpapa Local Board Plan Outcome #5:  Transport options that are accessible, reliable and less polluting.  Search 'grant' on the Auckland Council website for more information on these funding opportunities. 


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