Safer roads goal for Puketāpapa

Publish Date : 08 Apr 2022
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Puketāpapa Local Board wants local roads to become safer, and dropping speeds on residential streets is an essential part of that effort.

Members provided feedback on Auckland Transport’s Interim Speed Management Plan at its March business meeting and discussed a range of options to bring speeds down.

Chair Julie Fairey says road safety is a big focus for the local board.

“Our local board plan states our community’s aspiration to create neighbourhoods that are bustling with pedestrians and cyclists.  The science is clear; a car being driven at 50km/h does a lot more damage to a pedestrian or cyclist in a crash than would happen at 30,” she says.

The goal of Auckland Transport’s Interim Speed Management Plan 2023-26 is to reduce the number of road deaths and serious injuries.

Puketāpapa Local Board members have recommended the following areas for a speed limit review at their recent business meeting:

The area between Richardson Road, Dominion Road, and Hillsborough Road (in Waikōwhai), the area between Richardson Road, Dominion Road, May Road and SH20 (in Roskill South), the area between Dominion Road, Landscape Road, Mt Eden Road and Mt Albert Road (in Mt Roskill) and the area around Mt Roskill Grammar, Intermediate and Primary as well as all roads surrounding the immediate Puketāpapa Greenway routes.

“Puketapapa has over 20 schools and we hear from our community that they particularly want children to be safe walking, cycling and scooting to school. Lower speeds on more residential streets will make a big difference,” says Julie Fairey.

“Locals have raised safety issues to do with the areas we’ve recommended, and we look forward to Auckland Transport’s response, given we have been asking for sometime.”

Mt Roskill is a part of AT's Safer Communities programme which encourages people to walk more locally.

Read more and have your say on AT’s Speed Management Plan here.

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