Board outlines transport priorities

Publish Date : 16 Apr 2024
Bus Lanes
More people are reporting safety issues with large vehicles parking in suburban streets.

Bus lanes, cycleways, troublesome intersections, speed calming measures and trucks in residential streets all feature in Papakura Local Board’s top 10 transport concerns.

Chair Brent Catchpole says the board was asked to submit projects to Auckland Transport (AT) it would like to see included in future work programmes.

“Transport issues are one of the most common concerns raised by residents, but they can range from disrupted train services and congested motorways to issues on a local basis, such as heavy trucks being parked in residential streets.

“They are all matters that impact people, and while it’s easy to see some as comparatively minor, that’s not the case when the issues are in your own street, or where it’s your children at risk.”

Improving the Park Estate Road and Great South Road intersection - the main access to the Park Green housing development in the area, tops the list.

Next came a call for AT to work on the infrastructure needs of new developments, the designation of Mill Road, the Takanini / Great South Road bus lane and off-road cycleway, and pedestrian safety improvements near Airfield and Takanini School Roads.

The Manuroa and Porchester Roads intersection makes the list, as does speed calming measures on Airfield Road between Porchester Road and Takanini School Road, where residents, have reported excessive speeds putting children at risk.

The top 10 is rounded out by calls to address trucks creating a nuisance by parking in residential streets, an investigation into safety improvements for on street parking outside the Takanini Gurdwara Sri Kalgidhar Sahib, and a request that Ngakoro Road should not continue as a ‘through road’ to Park Estate Road via Bayvista Drive.

Catchpole says some of the issues don’t need complex investigation, or heavily engineered solutions to resolve.

“Auckland Transport cops a lot of criticism, much of it ill-informed, and we look forward to having a constructive relationship that can lead to solutions that benefit our community.”

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