Get your summer reading sorted with Auckland Council Libraries

Publish Date : 13 Dec 2022
Get your summer reading sorted with Auckland Council Libraries 1

A favourite way to while away the warm summer afternoons is lazing about at the beach or a local park with a book in hand.

The challenge has always been finding that elusive great read.

Thankfully Auckland Council Libraries have summer reading sorted with the annual Top 100 Books of the year, which provides free and sustainable access to best-selling books during the current cost of living crisis.  

“Aucklanders are prolific readers, and so are we. We want to ensure that we can provide exactly what they are looking for,” says Auckland Council’s Head of Library Services Catherine Leonard.

“It is why we started compiling a Top 100 list. It is always popular and like previous years, showcases several different categories to ensure there is something on offer for all Aucklanders, regardless of age.”

The bespoke list has been carefully curated and broken down into ten categories: top ten adult fiction; top ten adult non-fiction; top ten kids’ books; top ten teen books; top ten graphic books; top ten illustrated non-fiction; top ten life and times; top ten translated books; top ten books loved by library’s book clubs; and the top ten beach reads.

The list includes some of the most talked about titles of the year. Equally exciting is that more than one in four books on the list are by New Zealand authors.

“It is great to see so many New Zealand authors on the list. Our stories are just as important as those from other parts of the world and the quality of New Zealand writing is amazing, so it is a delight to see a quarter of the books on the list being local stories.”

Catherine advises Aucklanders to get in quick before the summer break in a couple of weeks’ time.

“We find that Aucklanders love to read on holiday, so our top 100 books fly off the shelves. If you want to ensure you get the book you are after, get in quick.”

But if the physical book is already checked out, there is always the e-collection to access according to Catherine.

“86 of our top 100 books are available in our e-collection so there are multiple options for getting hold of one of the books over summer.”

Auckland Council Libraries will be open much of the summer and with more than books on offer, Catherine says there is plenty to explore at your local library.

“Our libraries are there to serve our communities. We have people available who can help with learning more about your family tree, discovering the local history, help you get online and connect with other services or simply keep tamariki reading and entertained. . Additionally, with a library card Aucklanders can expand creative, technology and business skills through online learning.”

For more information on summer opening hours or more information on what to explore at your local library or from home, head to the Auckland Council Libraries website.

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