Small pets now boarding on buses

Publish Date : 08 Dec 2022

Travelling on a bus? All of AT’s bus services are now welcoming small pets in a suitable pet carrier.

Following on from the success of pets on trains, customers will be able to bring small domestic pets in approved carriers on their laps – from December 26 this year.

This will be for a trial period of six weeks, after which time AT will look to allow larger dogs in approved muzzles on-board buses as well.

Darek Koper, Group Manager of Metro Services, says train customers have enjoyed bringing their fury friends on-board since 2020 and after consultation with bus operators and drivers, it’s now time for buses to allow the same.

“In the coming months, we know there will be many regular train customers who will be taking buses instead - due to KiwiRail’s Rail Network Rebuild programme - so we wanted to provide pet owners with the same service on our buses that they have enjoyed on trains.

“This is another fantastic step towards making Auckland a more pet-friendly city. We are finally catching up with international cities where pets are welcome on all forms of public transport."

Full details and conditions

  • Pets can only travel on buses at off-peak times (Between 9am and 3pm; and then after 6.30pm to the end of service on weekdays, and all-day weekends and public holidays).
  • Domestic pets are to be enclosed in a suitable pet carrier that is small enough to be stored securely under the seat or held on the passenger's lap.
  • Passengers travelling with domestic pets are responsible for their pet and must keep them caged and under control at stations, getting on or off the bus, and while on-board the bus.
  • Passengers travelling with domestic pets are responsible for all pet mess and must ensure that any pet mess is cleaned up before they get off the bus.
  • Passengers may be refused entry to board the bus if it is full.
  • Passengers may be asked to leave the bus with their domestic pet if the animal is causing, or likely to cause, a safety risk or nuisance to other customers.
  • Domestic pets travel free of charge on our services.
  • Pets are not permitted on school buses or the upper deck of any bus.
  • You may be asked to move if an assistance dog boards – to avoid it being distracted by other animals.
  • Only one pet per person allowed.
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