Bethells Road closure clarification

Publish Date : 24 Feb 2023

Bethells Road, from the Bethells Road/Te Henga Road intersection, is under traffic management and open to residents only.

Public access to Bethells Beach is temporarily closed to the public as it is deemed unsafe.

Lake Wainamu carpark is closed as well as access to sand dunes, and Lake Wainamu and Te Henga walkways. Both walkways have significant damage and use of the sand dunes for recreation is not permitted.

These restrictions are in place for the safety of residents and to allow the road to be repaired as quickly as possible.

It is important that those who are not residents stay away. Failing to do so could hamper efforts to repair the road and cause further distress to those who are still coping with the aftermath of the cyclone and in some cases limited in their own ability to access their homes.

Auckland Transport has set up a recovery website so communities can get up to date information on the repair and recovery of roads.

The page continues to be updated regularly and people can visit there to find out the latest on the recovery work around the region:

For any other information on the response to the flooding event and Cyclone Gabrielle in Auckland, head to

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