Tireless work clearing Auckland streets

Publish Date : 10 Feb 2023
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Auckland Council contractors alongside New Zealand Response Teams – Civil Defence Volunteers, the New Zealand Defence Force and Task Force Kiwi – have been working tirelessly for the last 10 days clearing away water damaged household items and storm related debris after the recent flood.

And this flood clearing work is happening on top of the usual rubbish and recycling kerbside collections.

Auckland Council General Manager Waste Solutions Parul Sood says, “Cleaning up after the recent flood is a huge job, this work is still ongoing and may have to begin all over again if the predicted storm hits over the next few days.

“Staff have been working hard since the flood hit 10 days ago, they just keep going, it’s amazing. Without their hard work, Auckland streets would be overflowing with flood damaged items and rubbish.

“To support our waste contractors Waste Management, Northland Waste, Green Gorilla, EnviroWaste and ECO Maintenance, we have also brought in deconstruction companies Nikau, Trow Group, Green Way and our community enterprise partners MPHS (McLaren Park Henderson South), who are helping to get the material off the kerb faster,” Parul says.

“In total we will have 10 different operators working around Auckland streets to get this job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

All of these operators will be supported today and over the weekend by New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) staff who have been brought in to help with the clean-up.  There will be 100 NZDF staff assisting contractors and volunteers this weekend picking up household item and storm debris from the kerbside in various parts of Auckland.

Parul adds that they’re aiming to pick up as much as possible over the next few days before the forecast bad weather hits again early next week. 

If you are placing out household items for kerbside collection in an identified, flood affected area: 

  • Put items on the kerbside no later than 6pm Friday 10 February if you can, to allow time for pick up prior to the forecast bad weather arriving
  • If you can, to help stop items building up on the kerbside, please take them to the nearest participating waste transfer and resource recovery facility. See the list of facilities here.
  • Please place heavy items on top to secure the pile so it doesn’t get blown or washed away
  • If you’ve already placed items out for collection, check and ensure the pile is weighted down with heavy items on top


Key Stats (as of midday Friday):

  • 15 drop off facilities for customers to take their flood damaged household items and flood related debris
  • 4,575 customers served/ loads received to date at the facilities
  • 10 contractors/operators active in the field – over the next few days
  • 324 skip bins delivered
  • 2,165 tonnes of flood damaged items and flood debris collected from the kerbside and processed through facilities
  • 1,980 Request for Service since 31 January
  • 100 NZDF staff helping with collections and getting material out of houses and at the Waitakere Refuse and Recycling Station on Saturday and Sunday
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