Reasons to join your local community conservation group

Last Updated : 20 Apr 2023
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Community conservation groups are working hard to improve our natural environment right across Tāmaki Makaurau. These groups are motivated to restore and protect habitat for native species, aiming to make a better environment for all.

Below, check out some great reasons to connect with your local conservation community group. You can find a group near you, whatever your interest, using the Auckland Conservation Directory

1 - Get support for your backyard efforts

Auckland Council provides funding and resources to community conservation organisations across Tāmaki Makaurau. These organisations have the skills, knowledge and connections to support and advise you in your backyard conservation activities. Many of them also have trap libraries where you can borrow pest animal control tools like traps or monitoring tools, which can be helpful in finding out what pest animals you have in your backyard.

They can also help you with training and workshops, and advice for pest plant management and restoration planting. Some even have plant nurseries where you can get eco-sourced native plants and local planting advice.

2 - It’s a great way to spend time with the family

Volunteering is a no-cost activity for the family, ticking all the boxes for a successful and fulfilling day out.

Get some sun, exercise, and fresh air, learn something new, work together as a team and make a positive difference in your community. You may even inspire a new passion or future career path in children.

3 - Grow your sense of belonging and meet new people in your community

Being connected with your local community can provide a greater sense of belonging, help grow meaningful connections and improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Research in 2022 found that members of community conservation groups had increased 'social capital' – a measure of the connections among people and the positive outcomes because of these connections. These kinds of connections and benefits become increasingly important during difficult times, like the COVID-19 pandemic and recent flooding events.

4 - Have a bickie and a chat

We kiwi’s just love a bickie and a chat, and there’s no better time than after a satisfying job well done.


Find and connect with your local conservation group through our Auckland Conservation Directory.

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