Local board agreement provides for Rodney residents

Publish Date : 23 Jun 2023
Local board agreement provides for Rodney residents

Rodney’s libraries are an essential service for residents and along with arts centres and rural halls, all feature strongly in the Rodney Local Board agreement for the financial year 2023-2024.

Adopted by the board at its June business meeting, the agreement sets out key priorities for funding during the next financial year.

Funding for Rodney’s five libraries, volunteer libraries and the mobile library service will enable current service levels and operating hours to be maintained.

Board Chair Brent Bailey says it’s been a challenge matching the needs of Rodney’s growing population to the funding that is available.

“It has been a tough start to the year with the devastating weather events and a worsening economic outlook.

“We would like to thank everyone who gave feedback on the services and activities that are important to them. Their feedback has been crucial and has helped us with some tough decisions.

“Residents enjoy a vibrant local arts scene that will continue with funding set aside for the Helensville and Kumeū arts centres.

“Community groups need spaces and places to meet, host events and take part in activities and that is assured with the funding allocated to rural halls and venues for hire.”

The board’s focus on the environment and ecological restoration continues as that is in line with strong community support for ongoing pest eradication and volunteers engaged in planting, beach clean ups and weeding in parks.

In response to destructive weather events and their devastating impact earlier this year, the board has agreed to fund more community emergency response plans like the Kumeū-Huapai Plan and to advocate for increased regional civil defence budgets.

The board continues to advocate for increased Auckland Transport funding to renew and maintain Rodney’s extensive road network.

Bailey says, “We support a wide range of activities and initiatives, fund many organisations' projects and programmes which we hope will have a positive impact on our community and make a huge difference to people’s lives.”

The board’s agreement is online here and it’s work programmes will be approved at the July business meeting.

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