Local Board Plan priorities – Tell us what you think, Rodney

Publish Date : 31 Jul 2023
Local Board Plan priorities – Tell us what you think, Rodney

Rodney Local Board’s draft plan is now open for consultation, and board members are asking residents for input on its priorities, so it’s right for their community.

Board Chair Brent Bailey wants residents involved in the consultation and sharing their views, so their contributions are included in the final plan for Rodney.

“The draft plan brings together community feedback from past consultations and that of board members.

"We’re keen to hear and include your views, so please take the time to let us know what you think. It’s so important to get this right.”

Bailey says the plan also guides local investment and advocacy for what local communities need but that are not decisions for the board to make.

“Our commitment to you is to advocate on your behalf for these important outcomes outlined throughout the plan.

“We hope this plan will be your plan as much as ours and that you will talk to your local board members and tell us if we have got it right.”

The plan reflects community aspirations and needs which are included in five key areas – people, community, environment, places and transport. Key objectives and the initiatives that the board wants to see delivered are listed under each area.

Take a look at the priorities and what they mean to you.

Priority 1: Our people

After the devastating impact of this year’s extreme weather events, the board is committed to helping communities set up local emergency leadership groups and develop emergency action plans like the Kumeū-Huapai response plan. The board supports young people having access to local training in council facilities, and internet access and digital education available to everyone through libraries and community centres.

Priority 2: Our environment

Rodney’s hardworking volunteers deliver many conservation projects as they carry out pest control, native planting and stream restoration work in parks, on public and private land. The board is keen to support their efforts. The community has made it clear that cleaning up debris from rivers and waterways is a priority, and the board will support community groups that keep waterways clean and healthy.

Priority 3: Our Community

Rodney libraries, art centres and community halls are essential hubs for social connection and learning. The board supports shifting some community services by adopting mobile or outreach programmes, grants and online platforms to reach some of Rodney’s geographically dispersed and diverse communities.

The board is keen to offer communities a range of arts, culture and event experiences; create more opportunities to share Māori stories, heritage and te ao Māori with local communities, and find ways to extend arts experiences throughout Rodney.

Priority 4: Our Places

With Rodney experiencing significant residential development, town centres, parks and facilities must be future-ready while preserving the area’s natural environment. The board will advocate to the council’s governing body for planning that considers climate change impacts such as locations for town centres and stricter zoning and consenting guidelines. They also support employing local people for council contracts and other work.

Priority 5: Our Transport

While home to just over 4 per cent of Auckland’s population, the local board area covers 46 per cent of Auckland’s land mass which makes it difficult to secure funding for essential services like road maintenance and public transport. Solutions often aren’t fit for the rural context; and the board is advocating for Rural Roads Design Guide to be adopted which has design standards for conditions such as gravel footpaths and rural bus stops. The board is also keen to investigate options to improve road surfaces.

To find out more about Rodney Local Board’s priorities and give your feedback, which is open until 4pm on 14 August, go to this website.

It’s your place, your voice.

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