Board Plans
Widespread growth across the south makes it critical that local people speak up about how their communities develop.

Manurewa, Papakura and Franklin have all approved draft 2023 Local Board Plans for public consultation, open now until 14 August.

Franklin chair Angela Fulljames says the plans, required by law to set direction for the next three years, are prepared in the first year after a board’s election.

 “Nothing has been finalised. That doesn’t happen until we have had a chance to make the draft public, so our communities can provide feedback,” she says.

Papakura chair Brent Catchpole says boards recognise the public has been through consultation on Auckland Council’s annual budget, and that there might be some fatigue. “But we would encourage everyone to look, decide if the priorities are supported, or if we have missed something.”

He says the alterations made to the annual budget, and subsequent compromises around the table as the budget was adopted, prove consultation works.

“We know some people say no-one is listening and that having a say is pointless, but that’s been shown to be untrue. The budget went through many changes, proving elected members were listening. The feedback process is important to getting a plan in place that people agree takes their area in the right direction.”

Manurewa chair Glenn Murphy says residents are aware economic factors such as inflation, interest rates, supply chain difficulties, tight labour markets and COVID-19 have impacted budgets.

“Because our draft was developed at the same time as the annual budget, it’s possible the priorities might need to change because of funding decisions. But if that needs to happen, we need to be armed with what the community has told us it wants most.”

Hard copies and feedback forms will be available at libraries and service centres or on request by calling 09 301 0101.

For the Franklin draft plan click here, For Manurewa here, and for Papakura here. You can comment at the same site to 14 August.

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