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Pukekohe locals calls for more greenery and street lighting, better public spaces, and places for performances and activities have been met.

Franklin Local Board has endorsed Eke Panuku Development Auckland’s Unlock Pukekohe Supporting Masterplan, praising the plan to guide council-led development that maintains the town’s character and heritage as well thought-out.

Eke Panuku priority location director Richard Davison says the plan reflects community feedback to various trials, the board’s input, and business community views.

“Getting more feedback is always welcome. We’ve refined the community’s needs and wants to include the strongest ideas in the plan. Local board members have sense-checked throughout the process, and we’re delighted they’ve endorsed the plan.

“Everyone wants to see the town become a more vibrant place where things happen at different times, and the call to ensure we don’t lose sight of the area’s character, which links to its past, is a sensible one.”

Changes inspired by the community include:

  • Making heritage and character buildings more of a feature, especially 1 Roulston Street, which will become the market hall
  • widening footpaths from the train station to Pukekohe High School and on to King Street, and creating safer ways to move around on foot and by bike/scooter
  • improving Pukekohe Plaza parking by making access easier and for longer
  • slowing 7 Massey Ave carpark development to enable further consideration about future needs.

Board deputy chair Alan Cole says several recommendations were attached to the board’s support.

“We support improving connections between streets, having flexible spaces and creating activity close to the town square. The focus on establishing a market hall and diversifying the vendor mix to include more local produce stalls, goods and eateries is excellent.

“Eke Panuku has done some great work refining its proposal, and we support the focus on improving access so people with mobility aids, the elderly and families can get into town and move around easily.”

The board reiterated its support for laneways projects and improved connectivity between Franklin: The Centre, the town square, Devon Lane, Edinburgh Street and Bledisloe Park by making more space for walking and cycling.

It also asked Eke Panuku to investigate options for a youth space and called for it to continue advocating to Auckland Transport to stage the town centre pedestrian crossing priorities at key roundabouts and intersections.

A high level Unlock Pukekohe plan was first endorsed in 2019 and the final Supporting Masterplan was completed after Eke Panuku worked with the community around trials and engagement events after the board asked that consultation was widely promoted.

Eke Panuku responded with a billboard-sized information hub in the town square, with 20,000 leaflets and an extensive advertising campaign that saw about 900 pieces of formal and informal feedback gathered.

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