Local board adopts Upper Harbour Local Board Plan 2023

Publish Date : 31 Oct 2023
Local board adopts Upper Harbour Local Board Plan 2023

A focus on community and the environment are strong features of the Upper Harbour Local Board Plan 2023.

Board chair Anna Atkinson says the three-year plan considers the area’s growing intensification and diverse population where almost eight per cent of residents do not speak English.

“We know that our area is changing, and we are thinking about the impact on residents because as our population grows, community needs will change.
“That’s why we want to encourage a strong sense of unity, social connection, and resilience so that our community is prepared to face adversity and can adapt to change.

“Equally important is to remove all barriers to participation, so that everyone can contribute and have a voice in decisions that affect them.”

The plan sets out the board’s priorities for the remainder of its term:
• Māori outcomes
• Climate action
• Our people
• Our environment
• Our community
• Our places
• Our economy.

The board did a lot of community engagement and that feedback has shaped the final plan.

Atkinson says: “We are committed to establishing and improving relationships with Māori in our area and welcome opportunities to strengthen partnerships with mana whenua.”

The local board will continue to play a key role in enhancing the environment and support community restoration, environmental groups and community volunteers to carry out conservation work, pollution reduction, stream clean-ups, and native riparian planting.

“We will work with residents and businesses to deliver initiatives that build community networks and connections, including crime prevention which help people feel safer and better prepared to respond to emergencies and the impacts of climate change,” Atkinson adds.

The city’s 21 local boards are required by law to produce a plan every three years, and the plan has been adopted by the board elected last year.

The final plan is a significant milestone and will be used as the basis for the board’s work programmes and annual budgets.

“Residents have told us they want more clarity on how we will deliver the plan. We are committed to working with them as we bring this plan to life over the next few years,” Atkinson says.

The adopted plan is here and the final plan will soon be published on the council website.

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