Targeted rate delivers footpaths for Rodney

Publish Date : 02 Oct 2023
Targeted rate delivers footpaths for Rodney
Dairy Flat Highway to Postman Road footpath

Expanding Rodney’s footpath network is picking up pace with a $23 million investment set to deliver 31 footpaths across Rodney.

The footpath programme, which began in 2020 and is funded through the Rodney Local Board Transport Targeted Rate, has made steady progress with eight footpaths complete, four more under construction and another 19 moving through the investigation and design stages.

Local Board chair Brent Bailey says footpaths are a priority for the local board and community who want to expand the network, so it’s easier and safer for people to get around.

“People often tell us about their children who can’t walk to school, that they can’t walk outside their homes and about roads that are getting busier and aren’t safe for pedestrians,” he says.

“It’s very important these footpath projects deliver the maximum benefit for our area. We use funding criteria to decide where new footpaths are built which includes busy school routes, well-used pedestrian routes, and linking existing and new developments which extends our pedestrian network even further.”

The targeted rate delivers transport projects in the local board area which are excluded from the Regional Land Transport Plan 2021-2031. It follows the principle that revenue collected from each of the board’s four subdivisions is only used for projects delivered in that subdivision.

Bailey says that each footpath project and the associated costs are monitored carefully through to delivery stage.

“Auckland Transport regularly reconciles the budget to maintain proportionality across subdivisions. Sometimes there’s good news, if savings are made or other funding sources become available, the funds can be reallocated to more projects for that subdivision.”

Better access to the park that will be developed at Green Road is a priority for the Dairy Flat community, with $620,000 allocated for a footpath through the park.

Another $695,000 has been allocated to build the Rodney Street footpath and pedestrian overbridge which will keep Wellsford residents safe when crossing the railway line.

The board will also look at additional footpath projects for the Kumeū subdivision using funds reallocated from the cancelled Huapai Community Transport Hub project.

Footpaths under construction or completed by Wellsford contractor Wharehine Construction Ltd include:

Kumeū – Matua Road (complete), Tapu Road (complete), York Terrace (complete), Princes Street East (complete), Princes Street West (complete), George Street (complete), Alice Street and King Street (underway).
Dairy Flat – Dairy Flat Highway to Postman Road (complete).
Warkworth – Pakiri Road, Leigh (underway), Wech Drive, Warkworth (underway) and Leigh Road, Whangateau (underway).
Wellsford – School Road (underway).

Auckland Transport are finalising contracts with Wharehine Construction to deliver footpaths at Albert Street, Leigh; Puhoi Road, Puhoi; Goodall Road, Snells Beach; Rodney Street, Wellsford; Point Wells Road, Point Wells; Ahuroa Road, Puhoi and Olympus Road, Wellsford.

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