Local board adopts Rodney Local Board Plan 2023

Publish Date : 03 Nov 2023
Local board adopts Rodney Local Board Plan 2023

A focus on people and the environment are strong features of the Rodney Local Board Plan 2023.

The three-year plan was adopted at a recent business meeting and chair Brent Bailey says the plan considers Rodney’s growing population and strong sense of community.

“In spite of the growth in our area, and our population predicted to more than double over the next 30 years, we still look out for and support each other.

“We’ve been severely impacted by extreme weather events, and we need to work together as a community for a way forward.
“Our plan focuses on our local community, from disaster preparedness and recovery to supporting local procurement and building resilience within our communities.”


Bailey says one of the priorities in the plan is the environment.

“Rodney is home to several ecologically significant areas that must be protected and preserved,” he says.

“Rapid growth has led to habitat loss and pest species are further contributing to the decline.

“To overcome these challenges, we want to partner with mana whenua and community groups on shared biodiversity projects.

“We will continue to support our ecological volunteers in their efforts to improve biodiversity and ensure the long-term sustainability of our area.”


Another focus of the plan is Rodney’ transport networks. It can be difficult for the local board to secure adequate funding for road maintenance and public transport because of the sheer size of its geographical area and the small population.

“Solutions that are sensible for urban areas, don’t always fit rural ones. Gravel footpaths and rural bus stops are a good example of this, which is why we are asking that Auckland Transport adopt the Rural Roads Design Guide,” Bailey says.

The local board will continue to advocate for funding to develop fit-for-purpose rural roads which includes investing $124 million towards Auckland Transport’s Unsealed Roads Improvement Programme.

“We want to see more funding ringfenced for roads so that at least 8 per cent of Auckland’s roads can be maintained and renewed annually,” Bailey says.

The local board will advocate to Auckland Transport to improve and expand bus services in new developments.

The plan also focuses on the local board’s transport targeted rate which will be used to investigate additional public transport options to meet community's needs and includes:

  • Delivering safety projects for pedestrians and cyclists appropriate to the rural and semi-rural context
  • Investigating further provision and uptake of public transport to reduce congestion
  • Investigating the available options to deliver improved roading surfaces.

The adopted plan is a significant milestone that will be used as the basis for the board’s work programmes and annual budgets. The final plan will soon be published on the council website.

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