Making decisions on Auckland’s recovery

Key recovery policy documents

Publish Date : 21 Nov 2023
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Earlier this year, severe weather events caused a lot of damage throughout Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland). Recovery efforts underway across the region are significant and span transport and roading, water infrastructure, parks, facilities, and homes where there is an intolerable risk to life.

Auckland Council have confirmed an initial cost sharing agreement with the Government, including more than $2 billion to fund some of this work.

Starting from scratch

With the scale and level of funding involved, this requires a robust planning and decision-making process, with most policy-level decisions being made by Auckland’s Governing Body, on behalf of Aucklanders who provide funding.

“We are designing new policies, systems and standing up operational schemes from scratch,” says Mat Tucker, Group Recovery Manager, Tāmaki Makaurau Recovery Office.

“Even the Government’s framework for categorising affected properties is new, and we have been working to bring this life in the country’s biggest city.
“With a lot at stake, getting it right now will ensure we have the best balance between safety, equity, practicality, and what ratepayers can afford.”

Decision documents now available

The Tāmaki Makaurau Recovery Office has now released Governing Body papers which supported the Mayor and Councillors in their decision making on the co-funding agreement with Government. These have been made public following an initial period of confidentiality.

Public documents for Governing Body meetings, including agendas and minutes, can usually be found on the Auckland Council website. But due to the nature of the decisions being made, some of these sessions and papers will initially be confidential (i.e. for commercially sensitive reasons).

When no longer considered sensitive, these documents will be proactively released and published here.

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