Manurewa agrees plan for next three years

Publish Date : 01 Nov 2023

Community feedback has been used to shape the Manurewa Local Board Plan 2023, which has now been formally adopted.

The city’s 21 local boards are required by law to produce a plan every three years, and the plan adopted is the first for the board elected last year.

It sets out the board’s priorities for the remainder of its term, with the Manurewa plan listing:

  • Māori outcomes

  • Climate action

  • Our people

  • Our environment

  • Our community

  • Our places

  • Our economy.

Board chair Glenn Murphy says adopting the plan is significant because it transitions from the previous board’s vision and aspirations to those of the newly elected board.

“We did a lot of community engagement around the plan and that feedback has shaped the final plan, and rightly so, because this is a plan that must reflect what the community values and wants.

“It’s fair to say that the areas we want to work in do not differ widely from the previous plan, and its focus on things like putting the community at the heart of decision-making won’t change.

“We were also sent a strong message about the importance of the environment and taking climate action, areas we will give our attention to.”

The plans guide local board activity, funding and investment decisions and influence local board input into regional strategies and plans, including annual budgets.

Murphy says that’s important because Auckland Council’s 10-year budget consultation begins later this year.

“We believe our plan reflects our community’s wishes.

“We have high Māori and Pasifika populations and will continue to build relationships with iwi and marae, and with our other ethnic communities to help them be more resilient to climate change in an environment that’s protected and enhanced.

“It’s about having pride in Manurewa, enjoying diversity and a sense of safety and connection in an area with good facilities, transport, local economic opportunities and jobs.

The plan is here.

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