The Landing concept design gets go ahead

Publish Date : 17 Nov 2023
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A refreshed concept design for the upgrade of the waterfront park on Tāmaki Drive, known as The Landing, has been approved by Ōrākei Local Board with changes.

The second round of public consultation on the refreshed concept for The Landing closed in September 2023, with high support for all four key design elements proposed.

The board listened to all the feedback and made a decision that incorporated design elements for benefit of all groups and the wider community.

“There has been an energetic and robust consultation around one of the most precious assets of the Ōrākei Local Board,” says board chair Scott Milne.

“It has been encouraging to see the range of comments that the plan has attracted. I feel we have listened to the local and wider community and made our decision with appropriate acknowledgement of the public input.

“It will be a magnificent focal point of waterfront activities for years to come.”

The approved concept design for the park’s upgrade was developed following feedback from the first round of public consultation in 2022, and aims to deliver recreational opportunities out on the Waitematā Harbour for the greatest number of people possible.

The concept design includes the following design elements:

  • a central park-like space

  • multi-purpose buildings for clubs and marine-based recreation

  • safe harbour access

  • storage space for boats and equipment

Artist's render of the concept design presented to the board

Artist's render of the concept design presented to the board

During its November business meeting, the board asked for two amendments to the plan which was presented to members, acknowledging the strong support in consultation feedback for a short-stay haul-out and hardstand facility for boat cleaning.

If commercially viable, the board will adjust the plan to keep approximately half of the previous hardstand area. This area would be for a smaller, flexible-use site for a short-stay haul-out facility to be used from May to December each year. The rest of the year it would be cleared and available for events and other activities.

The board has also decided, if feasible, to keep the existing filtration infrastructure and washdown pad to allow for a cost-recovery wash-down facility for small recreational boat users as they exit the sea-access ramp areas.

The next step is for an expression of interest process to hear from parties interested in establishing and running a commercial short-stay haul-out facility.

The board is also working with Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei on the concept plan refresh to incorporate their vision which includes permanent homes for their Waka Taua (ceremonial war waka) and Te Ngāti Whātua o Ōrākei Waitematā Waka Ama Club.

The safe harbour will allow for all abilities sailing and paddle craft access, making it a more suitable environment for beginners to learn a new water sport.

Locals already have free community events to look forward to at The Landing this summer, including the Ōrākei Youth Expo on Saturday 9 December and a new family-friendly festival called Splash Landing in March. These events, supported by the board, offer activities on land and in the water.

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