Waiheke board gets plan over the finish line

Publish Date : 15 Nov 2023
Waiheke Sports Park

Climate change and disaster resilience are key focus areas for the Waiheke Local Board plan for the next three years.  

Now formally adopted by the board following a public consultation in July, the 2023 Waiheke Local Board Plan is the key document that will guide the board's decision making for the next three years. 

Chair Cath Handley is happy to report that feedback from the consultation was largely supportive of the plan and its themes which included climate change action, resilience and disaster readiness, a fairer more affordable transport system and the health of the Hauraki gulf.  

“Climate Change is front of mind for us following the devastating effects of the early 2023 storm events and we are proposing a number of initiatives to help lower our carbon emissions as well as supporting the community’s efforts to become more resilient, connected and prepared.” 

The board is also committed to its role as an important advocate for matters key to Waiheke.  

“You have told us you want fair prices and reliable transport routes, and we will continue to advocate for these. Roads that are well-maintained, water sensitive and safe for pedestrians and cyclists are another big priority as is a review of our public transport bus network.” 

Handley stresses that aspects of the plan are aspirational. 

“Council budgets continue to be dramatically reduced, mainly because of the pandemic and severe weather events and finance and resources may be more difficult to secure over the period of this plan. However, with the plan in place we’ll know where to use whatever resources we do have.” 

All of Auckland’s 21 local boards are legally required to produce a plan every three years, establishing a set of priorities.  
Waiheke Local board priorities are:    

  • Our People  

  • Our Environment

  • Our Facilities and Open Spaces 

  • Our Places

  • Our Economy

You can find the 2023 Waiheke Local Board plan here

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