Funding support for Whau community groups

Publish Date : 18 Dec 2023
We Are Woven
Children at the We Are Woven event in Avondale in July 2023.

Local community groups have received funding support for their mahi from Whau Local Board through the board’s local, multi-board and quick response grants programme.

A total of 18 community groups were awarded $33,000 in the latest round of Whau Local and Multiboard Grants. 12 groups received $10,014.84 in the Quick Response Round.

The funds go towards various events and activities, including Christmas celebrations, sports and cultural activities, and events for local youth and ethnic communities.

Local Board chair Kay Thomas says: “We’re pleased to see the funds make a difference in our local area.

“From a personal perspective, just imagining how many great things can be done for our community with the funds makes my job feel more worthwhile and meaningful.”

Decisions around the funding were tough, as the amounts requested were more than the funds available, adds the chair.

“With the grants rounds typically over-subscribed and the amounts requested far exceeding the funds available, we are trying to make every dollar count.”

Among the successful recipients was the Chinese Association of West Auckland, which will use the funds for the Celebration of Christmas and New Year 2024 event. Funds for Kelston Visioning Project Trust go towards their 'Ko au Ko Kerehana - I am Kelston' mentoring project and Waitakere Brass Inc will use its grant to cover administrative costs, utilities and affiliation fees.

The next round of Whau Local Grants is scheduled for the period between 12 February - 29 March 2024 and the decision will be made on 22 May 2024.

Info on how to apply can be found here.

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