Local board adopts the Puhinui / Warkworth Town Centre Plan

Publish Date : 18 Dec 2023
Local board adopts the Puhinui / Warkworth Town Centre Plan

Plans for a vibrant riverfront, better connections to Warkworth town centre and river, and a new green network are set to delight the community.

Rodney Local Board has adopted the Puhinui / Warkworth Town Centre Plan which Chair Brent Bailey says guides future development and provides for a well-designed and attractive town centre with the river at its heart.

“The Warkworth community are very clear about what they want to see in the future. Over time, the town should develop as a vibrant centre full of energy and life that is accessible to everyone.
“They want the town’s character and heritage maintained and enhanced with a new entertainment and arts focus.”

Bailey says for locals the river is intertwined with the town and other comments were about accessibility, pedestrian safety, cycling and car parking.

“We heard about the river’s health and revitalising the riverfront. People want better connections to the river, like at the Elizabeth Street Bridge, and with parts of Lucy Moore Park.

“The town centre really comes to life during celebrations like the Kowhai Festival, Mahurangi Winter Festival of Lights and Christmas events. People enjoy being able to move around and experience everything as it happens. We hope this plan reflects that aim and the desire for attractive public spaces that everyone can enjoy.”

Key action areas from the plan are:

Mahurangi River – improving the river and town interface along both sides of the river. Providing more opportunities for interaction with the river including walkways, environmental restoration, and heritage exploration. Improving the health of the river, acknowledging the mana of Ngāti Manuhiri and their relationship with the river.

Neville, Elizabeth and Queen streets – improving accessibility and pedestrian safety in the town centre, supporting cycling, improving street character, preserving heritage buildings and better management of car parking.

Laneways and walkways – developing a co-ordinated strategy to transform laneways into safe, fun, accessible spaces. Providing artwork, lighting, seating and planting that will create a new entertainment and arts focus for the town.
Green network – supporting the ecology of the natural environment in the face of anticipated intensification through good access to green spaces, creating walks and trails, tree planting and protection, provision for outdoor events and community gardens.

A vibrant riverfront – revitalise the waterfront along Wharf Street, create a new community plaza and riverfront play space next to the old Warehouse Stationery building, create a market space and village green area between the Masonic Hall and Lucy Moore Park, and improve the accessibility and usability of Lucy Moore Park.

The Puhinui / Warkworth Town Centre Plan can be found on the Rodney Local Board business meeting agenda, item 13.

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