Papakura backs grade separation

Publish Date : 17 Jan 2024
Manuroa Rd

Grade separation has been strongly supported by Papakura Local Board in its response to Auckland Transport issuing Notices of Requirement for properties around the Takaanini level crossing. 

Auckland Transport has lodged two notices to designate land for the construction of grade-separated crossings over the North Island Main Trunk railway in Takaanini.   

Acting local board chair Jan Robinson says decision-makers on notices of requirement to the Auckland Unitary Plan must consider local board views. 

“The first notice relates to Spartan Road, Manuia Road, Manuroa Road and Taka Street, for a bridge at Manuia Road and Taka Street, and new pedestrian overbridges at Spartan Road and Manuroa Road; and the second to a bridge for Walters Road. 

“This is an issue that has long caused residents concern, some wanting bridges, others concerned with the length of time building work would take, and others worried their children remain at significant risk because of the high traffic volumes in the area, much of it heavy trucking.  

“We have come out strongly for grade separation as a priority to ensure the efficient operation of the roading and rail network.” 

She says board members were concerned that only having a pedestrian bridge over Manuroa Road would divide the community and make shops and businesses hard to access, and that a Walters Road bridge was the most disruptive option for the surrounding community.

“We will ask the commissioners to look at that very closely to ensure it provides the best environmental and community outcome rather than just financial benefits.” 

Chair Brent Catchpole has been appointed to represent the board at any hearing, and Robinson says it has called for a public information campaign to help the community understand the reasons for any decisions and to address inevitable concerns.

Background documents and in formation here.

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