AT urged to keep it simple

Publish Date : 15 Mar 2024
Auckland Transport is being urge to think small ... Franklin Local Board saying simpler and cheaper solutions might be a good way ahead when traffic density is not high.

Complex and expensive engineering solutions might not be the way to solve traffic issues, Franklin Local Board says. 

Deputy chair Alan Cole says the board has asked Auckland Transport to finalise its Waiuku Roundabout Trial so it can report back.

“The trial has used a comparatively low-cost roundabout, made from recycled tyres, and has been in place long enough to provide data on its success, if the roundabout material is durable, and if driving behaviour has changed. 
“We have a simple view. If it can be shown to have worked, it may be a solution that could be put in place in other sites across Franklin. 

“Big engineering or road realignment projects might not be the way to go, equally they might have to be, if the trial hasn’t worked or is inconclusive.  

“But residents want us to be good stewards of public money and if we can have relatively low-cost solutions that make their commutes easier, that has to be a good thing.” 

The board has already identified eight intersections across the region that might benefit from tactical and interim traffic management solutions like the one used in Waiuku. 

They are: 

  • Whitford-Maraetai Rd / Clifton Rd, Whitford (landfill entry/exit)

  • Tourist Rd / Creighton’s Rd / Papakura-Clevedon Rd

  • Jack Lachlan Drive / Whitford-Maraetai Rd, Beachlands

  • State Highway 22 / Blackbridge Rd, Karaka

  • King St / Kitchener Rd / View Road, Waiuku

  • Racecourse Rd / Kitchener Rd, Waiuku

  • Constable Rd / Leonard Street, Waiuku

  • Gun Club Rd / Heights Rd / Helvetia Rd, Pukekohe.

Cole says the board continues to have an interest in practical low-cost solutions, especially when it can support Auckland Transport at a time of budget constraints. “We have asked that to be made known to the appropriate teams at AT. It doesn’t have to be a bells and whistles solution, just a practical one.” 

The board has also asked AT to update its website to reflect progress, and where possible estimated completion dates, for the 2023 flood sites, and asked for a workshop on the Whangapouri bridge project to get a progress update and timeline. 

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