Caribbean Drive sports fields open in April

Last Updated : 19 Apr 2024
Caribbean Event

Football and baseball players will be thrilled with the $3.5 million-dollar sports field development at Unsworth Heights’ Caribbean Drive now open.

Unfortunately, the community celebration planned for 20 April has been postponed because of the weather forecast. The celebration will go ahead in the near future, and we will let you know as soon as we have a new date.

Upper Harbour Local Board Chair Anna Atkinson says the new facility is a fantastic addition to the area and will help ease the heavy demand on sports fields.

“The old grounds were rock hard or boggy depending on the season and almost unplayable at times.
“Now the facility has been transformed to meet the needs of baseball and football teams with multi-use playing fields that are fit-for-purpose and include sand turf, lights and public toilets.

"There is even a footpath connection which links to the playground and basketball court in Unsworth Reserve.

“Already, the interest is high with sports teams lining up to book fields for training and games.”

The multi-million-dollar investment has been funded by the Northern Corridor Improvements Compensation Fund and upgrades include:

  • a footpath network which connects the sports fields and baseball diamond to the playground and basketball court situated at Unsworth Reserve.

  • two unisex toilets, a drinking fountain and bike stands.

  • a football pitch suitable for senior play and a designated training area both fully equipped with LED lighting which includes an online controller. The new lights enable the facility to be used after dark extending playing hours.

  • an upgraded sports field platform with new drainage systems, irrigation and turf surfaces enabling better play experiences and easier maintenance.

  • a baseball diamond which features an artificial surface with sustainable cork infill, backstop fences, dugouts and seating.

  • an extended carpark with better drainage, rain gardens and LED lights.

  • new bollards replace the old wire fence along Caribbean Drive.

People wanting to book the new sports facility, can apply through the booking system on the council website at

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