Plan Change 88 approves major development

Publish Date : 15 Apr 2024
The seaside suburb of Beachlands will see a huge development provide for thousands of new homes.

A private plan change that will rezone 307 hectares of Beachlands land from Rural-Countryside Living to Residential and Business zones, as well as Large Lot and Future Urban zoning, has been granted.

Independent hearing commissioners decided PC88 after a lengthy hearing and several months of deliberation since then.

With respect to transport related matters, the Commissioners advised they were satisfied Beachlands South Limited Partnership’s modelling was appropriate, that upgrades identified by the applicant were those necessary to address any adverse effects, and that they could be provided before or at the same time as development.

Franklin Local Board made extensive submissions on the application, including that Beachlands had few council-managed facilities, gaps in footpath provision, no secondary school or emergency medical facilities and largely relied on tank water.

The Board asked for road and intersection upgrades, more walking and cycling infrastructure, and raised concerns about public transport.

Chair Angela Fulljames says the board was also concerned about managing wastewater, increased take from the Pine Harbour bore and protecting the ecology of the area.

“We also voiced concerns that the size of the area set aside for light industrial might not provide enough local jobs for the increased population, and that adequate play and recreation spaces should be developed.

“Local boards are responsible for communicating residents’ views regarding Auckland Council’s policies and plans, including private plan change requests. The decision-makers, in this case, the commissioners, must consider those views.

“We are still working through the decision and will be liaising with council, Auckland Transport staff and the Ministry of Education on the implications,” she says.

“We remain concerned about roads in the wider area and safety on them, and the adverse effects on Whitford because of increased traffic and changes to the roundabout, and we are disappointed provision has not been made for further upgrades to Whitford-Maraetai Road in the early stages of the development.”

The decision is available on council’s website here.

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