Pollution prevention in Rosedale

Publish Date : 26 Apr 2024
Pollution prevention in Rosedale 1
Contamination of a stormwater pond in Rosedale Industrial Area.
Pollution prevention in Rosedale
Detergent polluting the Brookfield Park stream which flows into Lucas Creek.

Businesses are being helped to reduce industrial pollution risks to waterways in the Upper Harbour Local Board area.

The local board allocated $29,000 for Healthy Water’s Industry Pollution Prevention Programme, which assessed 80 businesses in Rosedale.

After these assessments, 21 businesses received reports with recommendations which identified 28 issues that could lead to pollution entering the stormwater network.

Board Deputy Chair Uzra Casuri Balouch is pleased that the assessments have led to businesses rectifying the identified issues, as keeping pollutants out of Rosedale drains protects the stormwater network which flows directly into Lucas Creek and on to the Waitematā Harbour.

“We must work together to protect our environment and this initiative educates businesses on ways to prevent stormwater pollution,” she says.

“The GIS mapping exercise shows how their site connects to the stormwater network and local waterways.

“The programme has practical recommendations about the impacts their activities can have on local waterways.

“Site inspections and discussions about potential issues and water pollution risks, also helps them know how to respond if something goes wrong.”

Business North Harbour helped get the word out to local businesses after the council’s northern pollution response and healthy water teams investigated pollution events that turned the water blue, white and brown.

A water quality sensor installed in the Rosedale area monitors the impact of stormwater contamination on Lucas Creek and common issues discovered through assessments include:

  • Detergent and wastewater washed into stormwater drains.

  • Hazardous chemicals stored incorrectly and often near stormwater drains, so if they did leak or get tipped over, they would pollute the stream.

  • No grease traps for oil or food waste.

  • No filters or litter traps for plastic pellets.

Casuri Balouch says: “Businesses must play their part by adopting practices like safely storing products, so they don’t accidentally spill into waterways, and stop washing vehicles with detergent next to stormwater drains.”

For stormwater pollution, including pollutants being discharged into streams, call the pollution hotline on 09 377 3107 (24 hours a day, seven days a week.)

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