Targeted paths rate sent for final approval

Publish Date : 01 May 2024
Targeted Rate
The proposed targeted rate will be used - if endorsed by the Governing Body - to help fund paths and pedestrian safety improvements across Franklin.

A $52 a year Franklin Local Board Paths Targeted Rate will be sent to the Governing Body for approval when it strikes the city’s rates.

The targeted rate was part of the consultation on Auckland Council’s Long-term Plan recently, attracting almost 4,000 responses.

Board chair Angela Fulljames says the decision to seek approval was not taken lightly.

“We are aware the current economic conditions are putting a strain on people, including our own, and that if this is approved, it will further add to the rates bill.

“But a targeted rate will be used for paths and pedestrian safety projects at locations across our three subdivisions.

“It’s anticipated it would raise around $20 million over the 10-year period we have asked for it to be in place, a time when the estimated programme cost will be around $31.6 million. The scale of projects we can deliver will depend on other funding sources and on the extent community-led delivery can be incorporated to reduce costs.”

A total of 3,892 submitters from across Auckland provided feedback in response to the proposal, 47 per cent for, 31 per cent against, with the rest don’t know or other; and 1,149 submissions were from people in the area, 71 per cent for and 21 per cent against.

Fulljames says key themes in support of the rate in the submissions included:

  • The benefits of paths and trails

  • suggestions for additional paths

  • comments on locally-specific projects

  • priority paths.

Themes from opponents were:

  • Focus on core services

  • other priorities

  • support proposal but not the rate

  • paths/trails should be funded from existing rates.

“Our advice was that the feedback showed significant local support with a trend towards higher levels of support in smaller communities,” Fulljames says.

“Submitters from smaller communities also indicated a desire to be involved in the delivery of paths and trails in their local areas.”

The move for approval, does not mean the rate will be put in place. The Governing Body will make the final decision when it seats the rates later this year.

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