Residents urged to push for transport change

Publish Date : 21 May 2024

Franklin residents are being urged to speak up to get the transport changes they want.

Adding motorway capacity to cope with growth, repairing weather damaged roads and improving problem intersections all feature in Auckland Transport’s Regional Land Transport Plan consultation.

Franklin Local Board chair Angela Fulljames says transport is always raised by residents.

“We only have decision-making power over our Transport Capital Fund. We can only advocate for our community. It’s critical people take part so AT can see where it has support, and what residents want prioritised.

“The plan lists many project areas, some critical to our area, so this is a chance to influence where AT and Government money is spent.

“The more united our voices are, the greater the chance we have of securing the funding needed to improve things locally.”

“We need to back more maintenance and get on with fixing storm damaged roads at Hūnua and Āwhitu,” Fulljames says.
Papakura bus station.

Rail features strongly in the plan, with moves to upgrade level crossings and remove them at Takanini, around signal improvements, and progressing new stations on the Papakura-Pukekohe line.

“Commuters need faster trips, better park and ride facilities and to see the stations in place.”

But she says cars must be catered for. “There’s a lack of public transport in some of our areas. We need to speak up on things like route protection, but also on Supporting Growth moves to bring things forward.”

An alternative to the motorway – Mill Road, and the corridor to it – again feature. “Anyone who uses the motorway knows there needs to be an alternative. We’ve all spent hours in delays caused by accidents. Growth continues to make it worse.”

Fulljames says it’s also a chance for those dealing with problem intersections to be heard. “It will help our advocacy if residents call for funds to be prioritised, especially in growth areas where developments are creating more traffic.”

She says the consultation also covers community issues such as footpath budgets, where about $5 million is allocated across the city. “People need to speak up if they want change.”

There is a local event at the Pukekohe Whanau Day at Nga Hau E Wha Marae at 88 Beatty Road in Pukekohe on Saturday, 25 May from 10am-2pm. Submissions can also be made online at             

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