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Dogs 6 May 2024

Any dog can bite!

Campaign launch aims to raise awareness of child safety around dogs

Dogs 3 May 2024

Preventing dog bites

Every year, hundreds of people need medical care for dog attacks in Auckland, with most bites happening in the family home.

Dogs 2 May 2024

Great spots for dog walking in Auckland

On-leash or off, there are heaps of exciting dog walking areas for you to discover across Auckland.

Dogs 2 May 2024

Introducing your dog to your new baby

How to prepare your dog to calmly and safely welcome a new addition to the whānau

Dogs 2 May 2024

Keeping your children safe around dogs

While most dogs love attention, sometimes it can get too much for them – especially when there are children around.

Dogs 2 May 2024

Four ways to be a responsible dog owner

If you've welcomed a puppy into your family recently, make sure you're following these important rules for responsible dog ownership in Auckland.

Council news 17 Apr 2024

Animal Management targets Conifer Grove dog attacks on cats

Auckland Council’s Animal Management officers focussed efforts on uplifting nuisance and roaming dogs in Conifer Grove, Takanini, following a spate of recent attacks on cats in the area.

Dogs 27 Mar 2024

Dogs in the city: Off-leash hotspots

Nothing beats seeing your four-legged friends hurtle around a dog park with sheer joy. Make their day and let your dog off the leash in these four dog-friendly hotspots.