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Dogs 3 Apr 2018

Happy-go-lucky Harley-Quinn is looking for a squad of her very own

Vibrant young Whippet cross Harley is looking for a family. She loves the company of her human friends and would be perfect with older children.

Dogs 6 Mar 2018

Sniffing out mice in the Antipodes Islands

Auckland Council biosecurity advisor Brian Shields is part of a team helping to eradicate mice from the Antipodes Islands.

Pest Free 15 Feb 2018

Dogs on a mission

A heroic doggie pair and their human are voyaging over the ocean on a pest-control mission this week.

Beaches 31 Jan 2018

How to tell if it's too hot to walk your dog

As the region swelters in record temperatures, dog owners are being reminded to prevent burnt paws.

Beaches 19 Jan 2018

Help dogs beat the heat

With soaring temperatures, make sure to keep your furry friends cool in the heat.

Dogs 22 Dec 2017

Keeping children and dogs safe at parties

While most dogs love attention, sometimes it can get too much – especially when there are children around.

Beaches 21 Dec 2017

Look out for algal blooms

While it may look unpleasant and sometimes smell, most algae in our waterways is harmless. However, some species found in Auckland can be harmful to people and animals if ingested.

Beaches 15 Dec 2017

Jellyfish spotted at Hibiscus Coast beaches

Blue bottle jellyfish have been spotted at some Hibiscus Coast beaches.