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Council news 17 Apr 2024

Animal Management targets Conifer Grove dog attacks on cats

Auckland Council’s Animal Management officers focussed efforts on uplifting nuisance and roaming dogs in Conifer Grove, Takanini, following a spate of recent attacks on cats in the area.

Dogs 27 Mar 2024

Dogs in the city: Off-leash hotspots

Nothing beats seeing your four-legged friends hurtle around a dog park with sheer joy. Make their day and let your dog off the leash in these four dog-friendly hotspots.

Conservation 27 Feb 2024

Showing off their sleuthing skills to Hawaiian mates!

Auckland Council’s biosecurity dog team is demonstrating their skills to their Hawaiian counterparts.

Dogs 23 Feb 2024

Auckland has a dog problem, and my staff are left cleaning up the mess

The issue of euthanasia at Auckland Council’s animal shelters has cropped up in the media again this week, and with it has come the usual vitriol directed at our Animal Management staff.

Dogs 8 Feb 2024

Love is a four-legged word this Valentine’s Day

Find true love on four legs this Valentine's Day.

Community 14 Dec 2023

Animal Management Officer scores dream job

Why wouldn't you want a summer job like this!

Council news 4 Oct 2023

Auckland’s favourite dog names, rarest breeds, revealed

The most popular pooches and more are revealed in the 2022-2023 Animal Management Annual Report

Conservation 22 Aug 2023

Bobby puts best paw forward but needs your support!

The search is on for a hound good at its job!