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Growing Together

Like other thriving, successful cities around the world, Tāmaki Makaurau is growing. By 2048 Auckland’s population is expected to reach 2.7million.

Central government has introduced new rules for how New Zealand’s largest cities must grow to allow for more housing.

Learn more about what it all means for our city and how you can play a part.

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Growing Together 23 Aug 2022

Auckland’s growth must put people first

As Tāmaki Makaurau continues to grow and evolve, urban design experts say our historic approach to intensification could use a slight reset.

Growing Together 18 Aug 2022

Submissions: what you need to know

What are submissions and and why they are important?

Development 18 Aug 2022

Auckland’s changing planning rules - what you need to know

Significant changes to Auckland’s planning rules come into effect today, enabling more higher density housing to be built across the region.

Growing Together 25 Jul 2022

Resource consents: New housing density standards for enabling more homes

New housing density standards come into effect on August 18, 2022, which will enable more homes to be built across the Auckland region.

Growing Together 31 May 2022

For a city to be liveable, its people need options

Auckland is in a perpetual cycle of growth and change, and right now its residents are demanding more variety in housing options. How will the city keep up?

Growing Together 29 Apr 2022

Good density: How solid planning can turn neighbourhoods into ecosystems

Under challenging circumstances, Auckland is changing faster than it ever has before. We asked local and global experts to explain how Tāmaki is moving forward, and what action is still needed to turn it into a truly modern city.

Development 23 Mar 2022

There’s more than one way to intensify Auckland

With huge population growth forecast for Auckland in the coming decades, it’s time for the city to build infrastructure to match. But how do we create this new infrastructure on top of what’s already here?