Kauri dieback

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Cycling 18 Dec 2020

Hunua riders urged to stay on track

Mountain bike enthusiasts using the Hunua Ranges are being reminded to stay our of areas closed to the public.

Environment 10 Dec 2020

What's on the horizon for kauri tracks in 2021

Several tracks in the regional park network have already re-opened with upgrade works to others either underway or about to start.

Environment 10 Dec 2020

Vandalism takes shine off kauri dieback track upgrades

Auckland ratepayers have been hit by acts of vandalism in local and regional parks where kauri tracks have been closed to the public for upgrades. So far, it has cost them over $100,000.

Kauri dieback 7 Dec 2020

Waitākere Ranges track re-openings delight board

News that 11 tracks in the Waitākere Ranges are now open in time for summer following upgrades to make them safe to use and reduce the spread of kauri dieback has delighted Waitākere Ranges Local Board.

Kauri dieback 1 Dec 2020

Currys Bush Reserve track upgrades to protect kauri

Kaumatua blessed Currys Bush Reserve site ahead of physical works to upgrade tracks in the battle against kauri dieback disease.

Kauri dieback 30 Oct 2020

Kauri dieback survey set for Aotea

Ongoing monitoring of the health of kauri on Aotea Great Barrier Island goes to ground next week with field surveys due to get underway.

Environment 22 Oct 2020

What your targeted rates have preserved over the past year

Auckland's environment is benefitting from the natural environment and water quality targeted rates.

Walkways 6 Oct 2020

Waiheke’s Te Matuku Awaawaroa Walkway open again

Te Matuku Awaawaroa Walkway has been re-opened following completion of work to divert over 1 kilometre of existing track away from kauri forest.