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Beaches 8 Feb 2017

Seven doggy day bag musts

Make sure you've got these essential items on hand for trips to the beach with your dog.

Civil Defence / Emergency Management 31 Jan 2017

Holiday homework for tsunami preparedness

These holidays, take the time to make a family plan to get through an emergency.

Beaches 27 Jan 2017

Protecting our environment from marine pests

Tips to keep NZ's marine waters pest-free this summer.

Beaches 16 Dec 2016

If an earthquake is long or strong, get gone

Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management is supporting an intensive three-month national earthquake and tsunami preparedness campaign.

Pools 22 Feb 2016

Pool safety makes a splash this summer

A quick dip in a pool has been one of the coolest ways to keep refreshed during this sticky summer, and it’s also been one of the safest. With children back at school, the busiest period for home pool use is over, and there have been no reported drownings, or near-misses during this period in home pools.