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Green Bay Beach to get daylight makeover

Work to begin in November

Published: 10 October 2018

This November, work will begin to enhance Green Bay beach, making it more usable and pleasant for visitors.

The planned work includes removing the stormwater pipe inlet, relocating the existing path and amenities, and creating new landscaped paths.

The process is called ‘daylighting’ which is where a stream or water course is redirected and returned to a more natural state, which helps with reducing runoff, habitat creation and with other environmental benefits.

Tracy Mulholland, Whau Local Board Chair, says the changes will mean the reserve will become more useable for the community.

“At the moment, the inlet blocks and overflows making the reserve boggy and unusable. This work will make the area more attractive and allow better access to the BBQ and facilities than is possible at present.

“It will also make the area safer, by removing the slip hazards created by current overflows and provide a more natural connection of the bush to the sea which makes for a more pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy, especially as we are coming into summer.”

The planned work: 

  • removing the pipe and moving the inlet upstream.
  • creating an elongated “S” overland flow path to the beach, removing existing footpaths and relocating the BBQ and seating areas.
  • selective planting along the newly formed overland flow path.
  • installing new paths and a boardwalk crossing over the flow path to provide access to the shower/toilet amenities.

The work is planned to take around four weeks.