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Do your bit for a pest free Hauraki Gulf

Published: 23 December 2018

The Hauraki Gulf is the summer playground of choice for many Aucklanders summer - where they picnic, play, explore, relax and enjoy. 

Many Gulf islands are pest free or partially pest free, and are now home to kiwi and tuatara, takahe and tieke. These open islands are visited by thousands eager to easily see some special, rare species.

To help prevent pests arriving on islands this summer, we have friendly Ambassadors on wharves, and pest-detecting dogs doing inspections in the New Year. 

When visiting any of the islands of the Gulf over summer, before leaving home please: 

  • Check your boat and gear for pests including rats, Argentine ants, plague skinks. Signs include droppings, nests, chewed wiring, ants – you don’t want to take any pests with you!
  • Check camping gear thoroughly – open up the tents and have a decent look
  • Stop kauri dieback from reaching islands by cleaning shoes and bike tyres; plus make sure you use cleaning stations at wharfs
  • Dogs threaten island wildlife and cannot go ashore on pest-free islands – the kindest move is probably to leave your dog at home. Make sure you keep them from disturbing shorebirds as well
  • Seal gear in bags and food in pest-proof containers to stop Argentine ants and plague skinks
  • Weeds spread by seed, so look carefully and remove all seeds – check Velcro on clothes and shoes, jacket pockets, or muddy shoes
  • If you’re on a boat or ferry, make sure other passengers do their own pest checks as well.

If you see our friendly Ambassadors or detector dogs this summer, please say hello! They’re there to help us all keep our islands safe.


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