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Albert-Eden’s changing face brings opportunities

Published: 5 September 2018

Albert-Eden is currently home to over 100,000 people. Around 30 per cent of the community in Albert-Eden identify with a range of different Asian ethnicities, and there are many other new communities. As Albert-Eden continues to grow, it will become more diverse still.

The Inclusion and Diversity Project report commissioned by Albert-Eden Local Board identifies less visible communities and recommends practical, local activities aimed at supporting those communities.

“Our work as the local board must cater for everyone in Albert-Eden,” says Peter Haynes, Chair, Albert-Eden Local Board. “We must continue working to encourage cultural exchange and collaboration within our communities, and support everyone. We think we can do better, which is why we commissioned this work.”

Seven key themes are highlighted in the report, along with recommendations. They include access, health and wellbeing, community resilience, cultural exchange, local board visibility, ownership and participation in public space, and discrimination and stigma.

The findings assist the local board to meet its objective of building a strong sense of community and a growing local economy.

The ‘Leader in You’ programme which helped women kick-start their journey to grow their own ideas is but one example. It is one of five initiatives developed to respond to the needs of diverse communities identified in the Albert-Eden Inclusion and Diversity Project report. 

To access the report, please email – Sunita Kashyap Strategic Broker Community Empowerment Arts, Community and Events. 


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