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Residents urged to speak up about speed limits in Franklin

Published: 12 March 2019

Motorists need to understand the extent of proposed speed limit changes across the region, Franklin Local Board member Alan Cole says.

Hundreds of roads could be affected in the region, some with multiple speeds proposed.

“There are a number of changes proposed so few people living outside our urban areas are going to be unaffected,” he says.

“Board members are concerned residents could miss things in their neighbourhoods that impact them, so we are encouraging people to find out as much as they can.

“About 90 per cent of the roads in the proposal are in rural areas, and generally it’s proposed they go from 100 to 80 or even 60km/h. But the changes vary widely.”

The changes are designed to counter the number of deaths and injuries on Auckland’s roads. Speed has been recognised as a major contributing factor.

Many of the changes are in the city centre, where Auckland Transport wants to lower speeds to 30km/h, but there are also changes to rural roads where the existing limits are deemed no longer safe.

Board member Amanda Hopkins says people need to get involved.

“Residents in the northern part of the Wairoa subdivision will see changes. Dropping from 100 to 80km/h is recommended for most of the main arterial routes, with Whitford Road down to 60, the same limit proposed for Maraetai Coast Road, with even lower limits for some of our narrow rural routes.”

Mrs Hopkins says there has been support for lower speeds, particularly around recreation areas, but that some residents were concerned about reductions on arterial routes.

Critics say trips will take longer but AT says journey times will only be made longer by a few seconds a kilometre.

“Residents only have one chance to be heard so the board is encouraging as many people as possible to submit before the 31 March deadline,” Mr Cole says.

If adopted the proposed speed changes will come into effect in August. Find out which streets are included here, with more details on the proposal here.