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Manurewa Link bus to connect local communities

Published: 5 September 2019

Manurewa Local Board has partnered with the Manurewa Business Association to deliver a new bus service for residents.

The Manurewa Link bus will be launched on 11 September to provide better commuting options for Manurewa locals to travel around the local board area. The purpose of the shuttle bus is to link residents to the area's two town centres - Manurewa and Clendon.

The 10-seater shuttle will be free for the community and will run from Wednesday to Friday along three routes. 

Town Centre Manager Neil Punja says, “The Manurewa Business Association is very excited to bring Manurewa Link to our community. This service will bring our communities closer together by providing more transport options with our routes particularly designed to include our aged care housing units.

“The free service is intended to benefit all - elderly, local residents and communities, shopping centres, rest homes and villages. We feel that together, we can all continue to move Manurewa forward.”

The service will connect the suburbs of Randwick, Clendon, Leabank, Weymouth, Wattle Downs, Wordsworth and Alfriston to the town centres providing everyone with better access across the local board area.

The cost as been estimated at $50k per year and the local board has funded a one-year trial operation.

More information about Manurewa Link can be found here.


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